Every now and again I get the itch to post about women in the game industry. There aren’t very many of us, comparatively speaking. In fact there are even less than there used to be. But usually, I stop myself because I’m not a psychologist, I haven’t done any studies, and who really wants to read my opinions about this sort of thing anyway? In the last 24 hours, though, there was this thing that happened, and I feel the need to comment. Don’t worry — I’ll be brief.

These moments are important. Most of the women I know in the game industry are badasses, mostly because they have to be. There are lots of wonderful, welcoming places for women in the game industry, but I guarantee you that every female game developer you meet has run up against the sexism in this industry at one point or another, whether it’s being groped at an industry event or being told that their successes are a result of their looks or gender. One such experience can be shrugged off — some jerk was acting like a jerk. But when it happens again and again, it gets hard not to believe the hype, and that’s where the badass part comes in.

So, gentlemen, please listen and think when we talk about these things.

And ladies, please stay in the industry or join it. I’m usually lost myself, but I’ll be happy to be your #1reasonmentor if it means you make this industry a little less lonely for women. It really is wonderful to be a part of making these magical experiences.

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My name is Maitland Lederer, and I’m a video game developer. I learn stuff you probably already knew and have opinions you've probably already heard. I figured it might be a good idea for me to start writing down the stuff I've learned so I don't have to relearn it. It's not, like, great wisdom or anything. It's just things I happened to learn, usually today.

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